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Dr. Marina Curran

Menopause Care

Misneach Menopause

Get to Know Us

Misneach Menopause was set up by Dr. Marina Curran with the aim of delivering individualised peri/menopause care by a trained menopause expert. We believe in a holistic approach using a combination of hormonal and/or non-hormonal treatments. We are committed to providing personalised, compassionate care that caters to the specific needs of every patient.

Misneach Menopause is dedicated to ensuring that every woman receives the specialist care she deserves during this transformative phase of life.



About Dr. Marina Curran

Dr Marina Curran is a qualified GP with a burning passon for women's health, particularly in the realm of menopause care.


She obtained her medical degree from University of Galway and then joined the Galway GP training scheme, refining her skills and knowledge to become a general practice doctor.

During her time in South Wales while working in community gynaecology her real interest in menopause took root

She works as the GP specialist clinical lead in the Complex Menopause Clinic at University College Hospital Galway and also works in the Symptomatic Breast Unit.


How Can I Help You?

Consultation and Pricing

First Consultation (45 mins): €200

Extended First Consultation (complex cases/PMDD) (60 mins): €250

Review Appointment: €80

Email/Telephone advise outside scheduled appointment: €50

Repeat prescription: €35

Mirena insertion (counselling, insertion and first review): €225

Mirena Removal: €80

Mirena Insertion and Removal: €250

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